Here’s a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we receive.

We update it regularly so be sure to let us know if you think we’ve missed something!

The WiFi password is in a picture frame on the wall in the living area of your accommodation

The password will work with any of the Sea Mist networks so just pick the strongest signal

The villas use bottled gas (as town gas is not available for residential accommodation in Huskisson).

There are two gas cylinders for each property:

  • 1 x ‘in use’
  • 1 x ‘standby’ [full]

There is an automatic switchover valve installed so you shouldn’t have to do anything!

Just in case – give Mat a call on 0477 550 393.

If you are in Villa 2 or 3 and you can’t light the gas cooktop, there may be a really simple ‘fix’…

There is a third button on the plug socket on the wall (in the middle of the two plug ports).

It’s an isolation switch that was a council requirement and sometimes the cleaners knock it by mistake.

Flip the middle switch the other way and try to light it again.

Failing that – call Mat on 0477 550 393

Sometimes it is the case that the cleaners have inadvertently caused the oven to enter ‘safe’ mode…

If the clock on the front of the oven is flashing, simply hold the two touch buttons above it for a few seconds and it will unlock it for you.

Failing that – call Mat on 0477 550 393

It is sometimes the case that a guest has not told us that they’ve run out of BBQ gas…

This is not helpful.

If the gas cylinder needs exchanging please send us a message (or call) on 0477 550 393. If for some reason we’re not around then you can ‘swap and go’ at the drive through bottle shop in Huskisson or at Vincentia service station. In that event please keep the receipt and we’ll happily reimburse you!

Please note: We ask that you leave the BBQ as clean as you found it; with the lid down and the cover on. We’ve had a few rare occasions where guests have left it with food on the grills, not brushed off etc. As our cleaning staff will charge us extra for cleaning the BBQ, we will pass on those extra cleaning charges to you.

We also ask that you don’t use the tea towels to clean the BBQ – seems obvious, right? You’d be surprised. Paper towel is provided under the sink, next to the cleaning spray.

Thanks for taking care of this and enjoy your BBQ!!

There are two beaches in the vicinity of Huskisson that are dog friendly; Huskisson BeachNelsons Beach (which is in Vincentia). Be sure to click on those links as the off-leash times vary between summer and winter.

Remember – dogs are prohibited from entering within 10 metres of any children’s playground and within 200 metres of identified shorebird nesting sites or of ‘flagged’ beach patrolled area.

Be warned – the Rangers are vigilant and active.

Shoalhaven City Council has a useful webpage that provides loads of info about dog friendly areas on the South Coast HERE.

In case of an emergency call 000 to speak to emergency services.

The local Police (Huskisson) can be contacted by phone (02) 4441 5779.

The local public hospital is called Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital. The address is Scenic Dr, Nowra NSW 2541. They are open 24 hours and can be contacted on (02) 4421 3111.

The local Doctors surgery that we use is located at Vincentia Marketplace Shopping Centre. It is called Vincentia Bay Medical and can be contacted on (02 4333 9888).

With the growing popularity of the South Coast there are more and more cafes and restaurants on offer in Huskisson, Vincentia and the surrounding areas.

Of course, when we’re asked, “Where would you recommend to eat?” we’re always mindful that this is somewhat subjective as it is biased by our preferences. 

With that said… here goes.


We always start by talking about a cafe called ‘5 Little Pigs’ which has consistently great food and coffee available. Darren, the owner, is a highly trained chef as is Rohan the 2IC. They also have a great crew front of house and behind the scenes, turning out consistently delicious breakfasts, lunches and coffees.

Locals tip: Make sure you look up towards the ceiling where you’ll see a range of specials available. These change regularly and are often pretty creative!

Interesting Fact: The name 5 Little Pigs is based on the reality that Darren and his wife have five kids! 

Next, given our preference for plant based food we are pleased to share the growing number of options available.

The longest-serving option is Pilgrims Cafe. They have a great team and great coffee with a wide range of yummy, vegetarian food that they are happy to adapt for other requirements e.g. vegan, Gluten free etc.

Another option with a heavily plant influenced menu is Serotonin (on Currambene). They offer conscious coffee with a beautiful kitchen and bar that turns out awesome food with an extensive drinks menu.

Next, still in Huskisson high street is Salty Joes. The owners are Husky locals and have been an active part of the cafe and restaurant scene for a long time. Salty Joes tips it’s cap to Southern California and has a great menu with something for everyone.

Salty’s also have world-themed dinner options and a vast selection of cocktails and craft beers. It’s never boring with these guys and you will always feel welcome.


Just 2km up the road from Sea Mist you’ll find a small shopping centre that forms the centre of Vincentia. There are a growing number of cafes, but the one that we can recommend is called Albert ‘n Miso.

These guys are serious about their food. So much so, they bake their own bread and roast their own coffee beans! The menu is great and the food fresh. 

Locals tip: Their hot chips could be the best on the planet. That’s a massive call but it could in fact be true! 

Interesting Fact: Vincentia was originally known as South Huskisson… We wish it had kept that name, it just feels a bit more quaint that way.

Hyams Beach

Whilst it is technically the ‘only’ cafe at Hyams Beach, the team at Hyams Beach Cafe do a great job. Whilst it (unfortunately) does not provide views of the beach itself, it’s cute decor and great food options makes it worth a visit.

Locals tip: We often choose from their takeaway menu and go and sit on the beach to eat. It’s a cheaper and more fun way to go about life! Other times, we just like to go and kick back on their veranda and have a pot of tea on a sunny afternoon…

As with the cafes, the following is biased towards our preferences but, in saying that, we’ve also included some generally accepted ‘local knowledge’ too.

We’re torn between Taj Indian restaurant which is probably where you’d find us most regularly but, we absolutely love Peta & Eva’s Wood Fired Pizza and Pasta restaurant too. 

Taj Indian has been in Huskisson for almost two-decades and is run by a father and son team. The food is fresh, delicious and served with a smile. They are licensed but BYO is possible to. If you mention that we recommended you go there, they’ll look after you…

Peta & Eva run a wonderful, authentic Italian restaurant – you know, the kind where there are three generations of family working there on any given night!

It’s too hard to pick between their simple, delicious pizza and pasta but, make sure you leave room room for some tiramisu!

The newest kid on the block is Buds Tavern. Located in Husky high street (66 Owen Street), this is a family owned gem which offers a throw back to the 80’s and some seriously good food!

Next, there is the Huskisson Hotel – an iconic piece of high street history! It’s the only ‘pub’ in Huskisson and offers amazing views across the bay. For food there are two options:

  1. The Bistro – classic pub food that’s generally good but, in busy times (and. they get BUSY!) the quality can drop off
  2. The Pavilion – the newest edition and a lovely modern restaurant overlooking Jervis Bay. Booking is highly recommended

If you fancy a touch of ‘South-East Asian’ dinner with a couple of cocktails or glasses of grape juice then Wild Ginger is a solid option. They’re a great crew and are super consistent with their food. You can check out their menu here.

Club Jervis Bay offers you the ‘best view in town’ and have a couple of lunch/dinner options.

  1. The Bayview Bistro has all the classics and daily ‘specials board’ for you to chose from
  2. The Cheesy Grin offers the second best pizzas in town! (You just can’t get past the authenticity of Peta & Eva)

If you like Chinese food then James’ Kitchen will not disappoint. It’s across the street from the pub and is consistently delicious. The only comment we would add is that, it always feels like it was pretty expensive – but we still go…

For the meat eaters – Stonegrill in the main street take their meat seriously. Tony, who has owned the restaurant for two-decades or more is very particular about sourcing his beef. You have the chance to cook your own on a ‘hot rock’ or they have in-house chefs who can prepare other meals.

For something more casual, maybe sitting at Husky Wharf watching the world go by, then you have the ‘World Famous Fish and Chip’ shop on the main street. Whilst ‘world famous’ is a massive claim… they certainly serve some pretty awesome fish and chips! Be warned, if it’s holiday season you could have a 40-60 minute wait – but they’re worth it!

There are 2 breweries in Jervis Bay, both locally and independently owned!

The first to open was Jervis Bay Brewing Co. and is a local’s favourite due to its relaxed vibe. They have a variety of local food vans providing ‘yummy in your tummy’ options and the beers are, well, yummy too!

You can see what’s on tap HERE.

The second brewery to open here in Huskisson was the Flaming Galah. It’s just a 2 minute walk from Jervis Bay Brewing Co. so, for sure, you can hit both in one afternoon.

There is a great food option at Flaming Galah with the resident duo (Tracy and Adam) and their permanent food truck The Nest.

There most certainly is!

The Greenhouse Huskisson co-working space is an inspirational and creative co-working space for professionals right in the centre of town, just 5 minutes from Sea Mist Jervis Bay.

Need a place to work for the day, want to host a meeting online (or in person) or simply need a place to maintain a sense of human connection instead of working in isolation from home? The Greenhouse co-working space is for you!

Okay, it’s no secret that Jervis Bay has incredible white sandy beaches. In fact, the most infamous of all (thanks to the amazing work of Shoalhaven City Council tourism team!) is Hyams Beach which allegedly holds the title of the ‘whitest sand in the world’ as per the Guinness Book of Records.

Now, regardless of whether this is pure folklore or fact, Hyams Beach is indeed a very white sandy beach, the above notoriety has come at some costs. These include receiving huge numbers of visitors each year, particularly during the summer holiday period. 

In fact, in recent years the council have had to take the extraordinary step of closing the road into Hyams Beach to all but residents. This kind of takes the fun out of it.

But worry not. You’re here to learn about the secrets of Jervis Bay that only the locals know… 

There are lots of local beaches that enjoy the same white sand that Hyams does! 

And, with that in mind we can tell you this, you don’t find many locals chillaxing at Hyams Beach.

Without question, the most frequently asked question we receive from guests is, “Which beaches do you recommend?”.

The answer looks like this…

If we have some time to kill and want to indulge ourselves we most commonly drive into Booderee National Park and head to either Scottish Rocks beach or Hole in the Wall. They’re adjoining beaches on the left as you drive straight through the National Park – well signposted – and just before you reach Murrays Beach (and boat ramp).

‘Hole in the Wall Beach’ is called such because it used to have a large rock structure that formed ‘a hole’ (go figure)! But whilst the top of the hole has long since collapsed, the white beach and remaining structure are still beautiful to visit! 

Parking to both of the adjoining beaches is easy and it’s just an easy stroll down onto the sand. Whilst we can’t guarantee it, we are often the only people on the beach when we head down there (peak summer season may see a handful of others there, but nothing like Hyams!)

Handy Hint: If you are only likely to go into Booderee National Park once then the day pass is the way to go. However, if you think you’ll go back more than once it would be worth considering a 12-month pass.

If we are a little less flush with time then we head to a little known gem of a beach in Vincentia, just 2km up the road from Sea Mist Jervis Bay… It’s called Orions Beach and whilst it’s not a large beach, most people don’t know it exists

The best access is by parking where Twyford Street and Minerva Street intersect and then take 30’ish steps along the pedestrian track (away from Huskisson) and you’ll see a narrow set of stairs which will take you straight down to Orions beach.

There’s just a taste of which beaches to visit when you’re in Jervis Bay.

From taking a cruise to see the Dolphins and Whales, to walking on the trails in the National Park to taking a dive with the Seals… the possibilities are almost endless. 

Of course, whatever you do, there’s something comforting about knowing you’ve got your beautiful ‘home away from home’ to come back to after a day of exploring.

Here’s some ideas and links to some great resources:

Things To Do – click HERE

Dolphin and Whale cruises – click HERE

Take a drive and (short) walk to see the ruined lighthouse

Trail walk options – click HERE

Snorkelling and SCUBA Diving – click HERE

Stand-up Paddle Boarding or Kayak hire – click HERE

Indoor Rock Climbing – click HERE

24/7 Gym – click HERE

Jervis Bay Brewery – click HERE

Flaming Galah Brewery – click HERE

Jervis Bay Maritime Museum and Gallery is a great option for a wet or cold day. There is also a lovely boardwalk out into the mangroves too – click HERE